The Matilda Box


Hello! Matilda here. This is a box full of my favourite cuts and flavours. We all love a recommendation, so here is mine! This is a great little box for the week if you're a family of two adults and a couple of small kids and eat a moderate amount of meat. Our family would have no problems devouring this.

Feel free to use this as a base to add to, I know some households love their steaks. if that's you, just add this to your cart and add extras from the build your box category.


- Salsa verde (250ml). I lather this all over my lamb and sausages. I think this is Scott's best invention yet. 

- Our home made regen beef broth (500mls). So nourishing and tasty. I heat this up and drink it or add it to a slow cooked dish.  

- Our regen free-range whole chicken (1.8-2kgs). Delish. No explanation needed. 

- 600gs (approx) of slow cooked beef (mince or casserole). I'm a big fan of spaghetti & love a slow cooked dish so this gets my vote

- 1kg of lamb. Think loin chops, shoulder chops, ribs etc.

- 1kg of pork prime

- 2 packs of pork mince (approx 1.2kgs)

- 1 pack of beef sausages (approx 800g) because I'm a bangers and mash kinda girl

All weights are approximates and may very slightly. For more info on where our produce is sourced from check out the FAQ page.