Good Intentions SV Chardonnay


 In the wine-makers's words:

"Single site Chardonnay organically farmed by us for the last 7 years and painstakingly brought back to life.

This unique Mount Gambier vineyard sits right at the base of the volcanic slope of Mount Gambier and the region's major volcanic crater, “Blue Lake” / Waa Wor.

2021 cuvée was foot stomped and a portion de-stemmed immediately before being pressed to release sugars and extract some texture and colour. This was done to create a unique stye of chardonnay. A major portion was direct pressed with its key aim being terroir expression. 6 months later the wine was blended and left until bottled and rested for 4 months before its release. 

Our Volcanic Lakes Chardonnay has texture, soft tannins that work with its saline finish and natural acidity. 

A benchmark wine at Good Intentions - a unique chardonnay from a unique site.

Direct pressed Chardonnay, with key aims of terroir expression. 12 months in bottle resting lets the wine evolve and expose its uniqueness." 

About the wine-makers: 

One is a farmer, the other a musician, Andrew and Louise, a husband and wife team who moved back to Mount Gambier (Andrew’s childhood town) to start a family, a wine label and build our winery. We welcomed both our daughter Frankie and our first vintage in 2014.

We wanted to grip the earth with our toes and use our knowledge in organic farming and permaculture to create our own wine label. We wanted to create a community where we could be proud to raise our daughter Frankie. Our dream is to inspire home grown eating, drinking and music that nourishes the land and reflects our personalities and to share it with the community.

We make wines that reflect the eccentricities of our personalities, place and terroir with a minimalistic approach. We use old world wine methods, preferring the challenges of hand picking our fruit, open fermenting with indigenous yeast and only adding sulphur when required by the wine. We do not filter or fine our wines and they are all bottled on site in our small winery. Our aim is to produce great tasting unique wines expressing this unique terroir above anything else. We produce what we like to drink.