Pig & Pilgrim BBQ Box


Our mates over at Pig & Pilgrim have offered up one of their beaut BBQs for a special Good Farm customer. Anyone who purchases a Pig & Pilgrim box goes into the running to win one of their most popular BBQs 'The Campfire'.  

See below for more details and check out their other designs over at pigandpilgrim.com.au

We will announce the winner on Anzac Day!


The Pig & Pilgrim box includes: 

1 Whole Chicken 
1kg Sausages 
1kg Mince 
2 Pork Chops 
2 BBQ Blade Steaks
500g Prime cut (T-Bone, Rump etc)
100g Cafe de Paris Butter
270g Good Sauce BBQ Sauce 
100g Peri Peri Marinade 
275g Caramelised Onions
Free copy of The Sustainable Diet by Scott Gooding