Delinquente Hell Rose


The Hell Wines are where we throw caution to the wind, get down and dirty, try new things and have a red hot go at making the most interesting, exciting and delicious wines we can from the vineyards we work with.

The Hell Rose is one that is always a bit of a mish-mash of parcels of wine that in any other situation would never be put together – but through tasting, experimentation and a bit of luck, all sort of work! The idea this year was to experiment with a backbone of Negroamaro made as a rose, and flesh that out with aromatic varieties to provide depth. Each variety was handpicked and pressed to stainless steel tank for fermentation. A wine that is all about drinkability. The Negroamaro has a lovely earthy acidity, tinglingly dry. The Malvasia brings the stone fruit sweetness and fruity aromatics, the Touriga a touch of red berry and that perfumed rose petal. Layered with interest, but gluggable as hell.

About the Wine-maker:

Delinquente is the needle in the haystack rarely found
in a region often associated with high volume, low-quality wines. Twenty-something Greg Grigoriou has put together a lifetime
of experience being surrounded by the wine industry to produce eye-popping, dangerously drinkable wines from the Italian varietals that take to the Riverland climate so well all sourced from the celebrated single vineyard organic fruit of the regions most celebrated growers.

Certified Biodynamic.