Delinquente Hell Arinto


The Hell Wines are where we throw caution to the wind, get down and dirty, try new things and have a red hot go at making the most interesting, exciting and delicious wines we can from the vineyards we work with.

Native to Portugal, the small berries of Arinto contain a delicious mix of fruit flavours, and most importantly, a piercing acidity that stands up to the hot climate of the Riverland. The fruit for this wine was hand picked and immediately destemmed into one tonne open fermenters, where the wine fermented on skins until sugar dry – about 8 days. The higher yielding year saw larger, juicier berries and subsequently the wine this year is less amber, more skinsy white. The savoury salty elements are still there but more in balance with the citrus, stonefruit profile. Second year oak allows the wine to breathe, and combined with the salty tannin, gives the wine length and persistence that allows it to stand up to aperitif style drinking or with hearty Mediterranean influenced food.

About the winemaker:

Delinquente is the needle in the haystack rarely found
in a region often associated with high volume, low-quality wines. Twenty-something Greg Grigoriou has put together a lifetime
of experience being surrounded by the wine industry to produce eye-popping, dangerously drinkable wines from the Italian varietals that take to the Riverland climate so well all sourced from the celebrated single vineyard organic fruit of the regions most celebrated growers.

Certified Biodynamic.