DeCaf Coffee - The Little Coffee Co's Decaf Debunk(250g)


Darren Gersbach (owner of The Little Coffee Co.) has visited the plantations in Sumatra, Sulawesi & Panama - building relationships with the farmers, observing their process & ensuring he is working with the most ethically sourced beans. "It's all about meeting the supplier, meeting them at the source to see their farming processes and how they treat their staff. You've got to be face to face and meet the people, then the quality should be tasted in the cup.

We believe it is time to address the false notion that decaffeinated coffee lacks flavour and that drinkers of it are somehow lesser coffee lovers.  It’s nonsense.  It is a myth.  This blend debunks that theory and proves that you can enjoy a rich, full-bodied coffee at any time of day without the accompanying kick of caffeine. Because, let’s face it, you may not always want the effects of caffeine (or you possess enough energy anyway - well done), but you do delight in the unique flavour of the exotic, well-crafted coffee. Inside this myth-busting package, you’ll find it. 

Origin – (Organic & Fair Trade) Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia, Timor 

Nose - roasted almonds, cedar, fresh linen 

Palate – poached pears, porridge 

Finish – Like sun on the windowsill.