Coffee - The Little Coffee Co's Organic Blend (250g)


Darren Gersbach (owner of The Little Coffee Co.) has visited the plantations in Sumatra, Sulawesi & Panama - building relationships with the farmers, observing their process & ensuring he is working with the most ethically sourced beans. "It's all about meeting the supplier, meeting them at the source to see their farming processes and how they treat their staff. You've got to be face to face and meet the people, then the quality should be tasted in the cup.

There are two tales to tell in this delicious blend.  They transport you to a place where coffee grows wild.  There is no need for pesticides or fertilisers in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  It is 3-day walk to bring these beans to market from Okapa.  They are the best PNG beans we have ever tasted, and they don’t cost the earth.   You will then soar to Ocotepeque, the highest reaches of Honduras where the soil is rich, volcanic.  Treat yourself (and the planet) to the exotic fruits of these two beautiful regions in this exquisite organic brew.  

These beans are harvested from plantations that have kept the land and its ecosystems healthy through the generations with careful, organic micro-farming practices.  The way it should be.

Varietal – Catuai/Caturra/Typica 

Nose - Herbaceous, nutty, milk chocolate 

Palate - Sweet earth, caramelised malt, bright floral zing 

Finish - Like a walk through an enchanted forest that leaves you clicking your heels