Beef Brisket & Slow Cook Cuts Limited Edition Box (5kgs)


We don't often get brisket so this is a limited edition box that is often out of stock. Each box will consist of one good size beef brisket, perfect for those delicious family roasts. The rest of the box consists of cuts for lovers of slow cooking with casserole steak, chuck, sausages, mince + more. Packed full of familiar cuts for easy cooking.

We source our beef primarily from Til's parent’s farm 5 hours north of Sydney, inland of a town called Macksville. You can read more about this on the About page. When the cows there aren’t ready, we source from Two Creeks regen farm - located on the lush river flats of the magnificent Dooralong valley on the Central Coast, NSW. Both farms are completely committed to regenerating the land and soil and cows roam freely on beautiful green pastures. They are 100% grass fed and finished. 

This photo is not an accurate representation of amount and is used to give an indication of cuts, which will vary. If you're looking for prime steak for BBQ’ing please check out our other boxes. 

This box is not available for subscription.