1kgs Lamb Chops


1kg selection of the highest quality regenerative white lamb chops. Chops can include a variety of different chops including: lion chops, leg chops, chump chops and grilling chops.

The photo is not an indication of the amount or cuts. 

We source our lamb from Tathra Place in Wombeyan Caves with farmer Luke Winder at the helm - he is such an inspiring young man flagging the regen flag high and proud. All his animals are chemical free pasture raised, grass fed and finished and treated with the highest ethical standard. We are so proud to be stocking his lamb (and other produce soon to come) as he is the real deal when it comes to regenerative multi-species farming. All his hard work pays off not just for the environment, but in the quality and taste of the meat. 

All our vac-sealed packaging is home compostable. Our boxes are recycled and recyclable.