10kg Beef, Lamb & Pork Box


Love a bit of pork, beef and lamb? This is the box for you!

In this box you can expect to receive a mix of cuts including (but not all): pork chops, pork mince, pork sausages, beef mince, pork belly, pork scotch fillet, beef sausages, beef ribs, blade steak, T-bone, Osso Bucco, rump, eye fillet, round steak, lamb chops, lamb ribs, lamb chump chops and/or lamb shanks. 

We will endeavour to give an even distribution of all three meats.

About our beef: We source our beef primarily from Til's parent’s farm 5 hours north of Sydney, inland of a town called Macksville. You can read more about this on the About page. When the cows there aren’t ready, we source from Two Creeks regen farm - located on the lush river flats of the magnificent Dooralong valley on the Central Coast, NSW. Both farms are completely committed to regenerating the land and soil and cows roam freely on beautiful green pastures. They are 100% grass fed and finished. 

About our pork: Gregory Downs Organics is a family owned and run Certified Organic farm north of Young in the Hilltops region of the New South Wales. They predominantly run organic cattle and pigs but also run a few sheep an alpaca, chickens and some horses as well! Their focus is on the health and welfare of the animals, their community and on the regeneration of the land including increasing biodiversity of native plants and animals on the farm. They are currently part of a study with the Australian National University on increasing biodiversity of plants and animals whilst grazing livestock in a holistic natural grazing system. Their pigs are certified organic with ACO and graze openly on pastures and are able to express their natural behaviours. Pigs are different to cattle and do need extra feed - they supply their pigs with a feed mix which is certified organic which compliments their natural grazing habits. Part of the practice of holistic management means constantly moving their cattle and pigs onto fresh pasture, this also enables plants to rest and regenerate.

About our Lamb: We source our lamb from Tathra Place in Wombeyan Caves with farmer Luke Winder at the helm - he is such an inspiring young man flagging the regen flag high and proud. All his animals are chemical free pasture raised, grass fed and finished and treated with the highest ethical standard. We are so proud to be stocking his lamb as he is the real deal when it comes to regenerative multi-species farming. All his hard work pays off not just for the environment, but in the quality and taste of the meat. 

All vac-sealed packaging is compostable and build into pricing. Our boxes are recycled and recyclable. 

We deliver all our produce frozen to extend its life.