10kg Beef Box + 2kg Chicken + Dozen Eggs


We source our beef primarily from Til's parent’s farm 5 hours north of Sydney, inland of a town called Macksville. You can read more about this on the About page. When the cows there aren’t ready, we source from Two Creeks regen farm - located on the lush river flats of the magnificent Dooralong valley on the Central Coast, NSW. Both farms are completely committed to regenerating the land and soil and cows roam freely on beautiful green pastures. They are 100% grass fed and finished. 

We source our chickens from Kanooka Creek Farm. Charlie and Sacha have owned  Kanooka Creek Farm since 2016, here they live with their two children, 3 dogs, 1 goat,  guinea pigs, guinea fowl, dairy breed cows, a bull, pigs, egg laying chickens and  meat chickens. The property situated in the Pappinbarra Valley is 45 mins drive from Port Macquarie, via the rural township of Wauchope. Their interests in creative living and organic regenerative practices have been consolidating over a period of 30 years. 

Start with your box, chicken + eggs - then feel free to add other products.

Every Good Farm box includes crowd favourites such as gluten-free sausages, mince, steaks, chuck steak, burger patties and also more ‘unusual’ but delicious cuts such as osso bucco.

Below is a list of our cuts:

Osso bucco @500g
Beef ribs @700g
BBQ blade steak @700g
T-bone steak @500g
Eye fillet steak @300g
New York steak @450g
Scotch fillet steak @500g
Blade steak @400g
Rump steak @400g
Casserole steak @500g
Minute steak @500g
Round steak @500g
Lean mince @500g
Sausages @1kg

Please note that the photo is a "gist" of the selection of cuts. Each box will vary slightly as the less abundant cuts from the animal are distributed. Our downloadable digital cookbook and cooking classes will help you cook amazing meals every time no matter what cut.

You can purchase as a one-off or subscribe for monthly delivery so you can set and forget.

All our vac-sealed packaging is compostable (except the chicken). Our boxes are all recycled and recyclable.