Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We currently deliver to most of NSW and ACT. Having said that we don’t deliver to some postcodes. That’s why you are prompted to put your postcode in before selecting items. 

Q: It keeps telling me my address is wrong, why?

A: Most likely because we don’t delivery to your area yet. If you don’t live in NSW, ACT, OLD or VIC we’re sorry, but that means you. 

Q: How do I know when my box will be delivered?

A: We deliver weekly to all areas. Sydney city and northern beaches everyday. However depending on when you order in the week it may not get to you within the same week. Once you place an order we get notified on our end. We use a third party delivery service who deliver to certain areas on certain days. 

You will receive an email from us once your box has left our warehouse - which means it will be delivered the next day. You will also receive a notification from the delivery company once it has been dropped off.

Q: Does the meat come frozen or fresh?

Due to the amount of meat that our customers receive in their 5kg and 10kg boxes, we have decided it is in their best interest to receive the meat frozen to extend the life and freshness. This does not effect the quality of meat. Just make sure you take it out of the freezer in good time to cook it. You always want to cook your meat at room temperature to make sure it stays tender. 

Condiments and all other food items are delivered chilled. Tableware is sent separately via Australia Post. 

Q: I just received my meat and the used by date has passed. What should I do?

Please ignore the fresh best before date. This is absolutely not important as your meat is frozen as soon as it has been packaged and stays frozen all the way to you. The only date you need to go by is the Frozen best before date. 

Q: How long will my meat stay fresh after I thaw it out?

Once you thaw it out it will be fine in your fridge for at least 5 days. Generally rule of thumb is pretty much common sense - if you open it and it smells funky you've probably left it too long.

Q: Is your packaging compostable?

Yes! All the vac-sealed packaging with our labels on it are 100% composable (not the chicken and duck because they are not packaged by our butcher). You can either pop them straight into the compost or dispose of them as you would any other bag to break down naturally (and much quicker). ON a side note: Compostable packaging is NOT cheap but we chose this packaging because we didn't want to add to the huge amount of plastic already in our eco-system. We have to build this cost into the product so thank you for supporting this choice.  

NOTE: The plastic used for the bones are NOT compostable. We have found that the composable ones sometimes tear from the bones which loses freshness so they are the only ones we use actual plastic for. Please dispose of these in your bin.

Q: Where do you get your compostable packaging from?

We use Grounded packaging because we think they are doing amazing things as a company. Grounded is actively stepping up efforts to decarbonise our planet. They design solutions that naturally have a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuel alternatives but most materials and manufacturing processes still have a carbon footprint.

To measure their footprint they have built a proprietary impact calculator that gives an unmatched ability to model and understand emissions data for different materials and supply chains. This data gives them a unique ability to quantify emissions and accurately restore balance when needed. To tackle their carbon emissions they fund initiatives that leverage natural processes to sequester carbon as efficiently as possible.

As a certified B Corp, Grounded is required to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. They undertake regular audits to ensure their supply chain meets strict criteria for worker welfare and safety. Their collection depots in Indonesia and the Philippines provide opportunities for meaningful employment and education in developing economies. 

Q: Are you boxes recycled?

Yes! Our boxes are recycled and recyclable.

Q: What if I'm not there to receive my box?

We will do everything we can on our end to ensure you are aware of when your box is being delivered. On the day before delivery, if you have provided a number, you will receive a text, if you have provided an email you will receive an email, and our third party delivery service will send you a text once it has landed on your doorstep. They will most likely NOT knock, so please check your phone for comms the day of your delivery. 

If they are unable to get to your door for whatever reason (a guard dog for example) they will not leave the box on the street and will try again at another date.

Due to the above, we can only do as much as we can do on our end, and will not refund boxes that have been spoiled due to being left unchecked all day. It is your responsibility to ensure someone is home on the day of delivery. If this seems too hard, we understand and advise not placing an order. We hate disappointing people and the delivery system doesn't work for everyone. 

Keep in mind, your meat is delivered frozen so you do have some time up your sleeve once it lands on your doorstep. 

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes! send us an email and we can start the conversation. We will make you up a custom box and send an invoice. We can then organise a time for you to pop into our warehouse in Warriewood. We are located at 1112/4 Daydream St.

Our emails are:



You can also drop by our warehouse and purchase directly from here. You will need to call us first as we are not always there.

Q: How much is delivery?

Delivery Costs: Sydney $20 / ACT $45 / Brisbane $30 / Byron and Ballina $55 / Gold Coast $35 / Sunshine Coast $35 / Toowoomba $35 / Victoria $30.

A smart way of reducing the delivery fee is to find a buddy who also wants a box and get them both delivered to the one address then split the delivery fee.

Northern beaches local from Palm Beach to Manly is $10.

Q: Do you offer offal?

A: We are unable to consistently offer offal at the moment as we don’t always receive it from our abattoir. When we have it we usually post on our socials and people can let us know they want it. We can organise invoice and delivery form there.

Q: What is Regen?

A: In a nutshell regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecosystem of the farm by placing a heavy premium on soil health with attention also paid to water management, fertilizer use, and more. It is a method of farming that improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them. In addition to a long list of incredible benefits for farmers and their crops, regenerative agriculture practices help us fight the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground.

Some Regen principals include:

  • Promoting biodiversity. Cover crops and crop rotation are two of basic principles of regen agriculture that lead to greater biodiversity.
  • Eliminating or decreasing tillage.
  • Reducing or eliminating the use of artificial fertilizers.
  • Use regenerative grazing management for livestock.

We also have a video on the homepage that talks more about regen. Please have a watch.

Q: Does Regen mean Organic?

A: No. Organic is about having no chemicals or pesticides on the land or crops. Whereas, Regen always involves livestock and is more about the regeneration of the land through the management of livestock and farming practises. Which by default means minimal (if any) chemical, fertilisers, or herbicides.

Q: Are your animals treated well?

A: Yes! Our farmers love their cows and they have a very nice life right up until the moment they get killed. They roam freely over beautiful pastures, eat lush green grass and live stress-free. They are grass fed and grass finished which means no grain and no feedlots. Some people will say you can’t love cows if you eat them, but we don’t agree. Cows bred and grown this way are so much better off then cows in feedlots - and we figure that the more people who support this way of farming, the less cows there in industrial-farmed feedlot situations, which is a horrible way for any sentient being to live.

As for our chickens – we only source from farms that subscribe to the regen, free range philosophy. Currently we use chickens from Kanooka Creek Farm and sometimes Ethical Farmers. Feel free to check out their websites for more information.

Q: Can I order specific cuts?

A: Yes and no. We subscribe to the nose to tail, no waste philosophy because we wholeheartedly believe if an animal is going to die, we should show that animal respect by eating the whole beast. That’s also why we only sell whole chickens but we also understand that people want prime cuts. So we have a build your box category where you can select SOME prime cuts if we happen to have them in stock. Just so you know, we never wholesale cuts. We only buy whole animals and prime cuts make up 16% of an average carcass which means if everyone wants the prime cuts, so much of the beast goes to waste. What a shame, especially when all it takes is some creativity and inspiration to make all those secondary cuts into delicious and nutritious meals. Osso Bucco, for example, has long been known as one of the cheapest cuts, despite its flavour and nutritional value. (Now people are catching onto the fact that it’s easy to cook, delicious and bursting with health benefits the price of Osso Bucco has shot up).

We want to encourage people to see all cuts as potentially delicious meals with their own unique nutritional value. Bones for example, are so cheap, but making broth with them and drinking it is not only a delicious snack but incredibly good for our immunity and health. 

Q: I ordered a box but didn’t get all the prime cuts listed, why not?

A: You will never get all of the prime cuts in one box simply because of our nose to tail philosophy outlined above (please read that first). We distribute the cow/s as fairly as we can, which means some people will get some prime cuts and others will get other prime cuts. You might get T-Bones in your box one month and rib-eyes the next. There simply isn’t enough of every cut to go around. Having said that, if you have been ordering from us for several months and haven’t received a specific prime cut ever, simply shoot us an email, or make a note on your order, and we will absolutely make sure you get some next time.

Q: How do I get my free e-cookbook?

There's a QR code on every box. Scan that with your smart phone and you will get access to the free e-cookbook, the cuts menu and all of scott's cooking videos. 

Q: Where is your beef from?

We source our beef primarily from our parent’s farm 5 hours north of Sydney, inland of a town called Macksville. You can read more about this on the About page. When the cows there aren’t ready, we source from Two Creeks regen farm - located on the lush river flats of the magnificent Dooralong valley on the Central Coast, NSW. Both farms are completely committed to regenerating the land and soil.

Where is your pork from?

Our pork is from Gergory Downs Organic Regen Farm. Gregory Downs Organics is a family owned and run Certified Organic farm north of Young in the Hilltops region of the New South Wales. They predominantly run organic cattle and pigs but also run a few sheep an alpaca, chickens and some horses as well!  Their focus is on the health and welfare of the animals, their community and on the regeneration of the land including increasing biodiversity of native plants and animals on the farm. They are currently part of a study with the Australian National University on increasing biodiversity of plants and animals whilst grazing livestock in a holistic natural grazing system.

About the farmers: Clinton grew up in the Northern Territory on a cattle station so has worked with cattle his entire life. Since moving down south onto a smaller property he loves being able to work more closely with the cattle and knows each animal we have on the farm! Pip is a Naturopath and Nutritionist and currently works with Helen Padarin at Padarin Health and also in her clinic space in Young.

To learn more visit their site: https://www.gregorydownsorganics.com.au/

Where is your lamb from?

We source our lamb from Tathra Place in Wombeyan Caves with farmer Luke Winder at the helm - he is such an inspiring young man flagging the regen flag high and proud. All his animals are chemical free pasture raised, grass fed and finished and treated with the highest ethical standard. We are so proud to be stocking his lamb (and other produce soon to come) as he is the real deal when it comes to regenerative multi-species farming. All his hard work pays off not just for the environment, but in the quality and taste of the meat. 

Where are your ducks from?

Our ducks are from Burrawong Gaian duck farm. They pride themselves on their sustainable organic farming practices. Burrawong Gaian produces small numbers of premium quality, pasture reared meat chickens, ducks, seasonally available game birds, and free range duck eggs.

Raising livestock in a natural open range environment allows them to forage and express their character. They are free from chemical additives, artificial hormones and medications.

Burrawong Gaian are committed to the preservation of rare breeds threatened by large scale industrial agriculture. They support the Rare Breeds Trust providing ethically produced food. They process the poultry on site at their farm on the NSW Mid North Coast, and strive to ensure each and every customer enjoys their paddock to plate philosophy.

For more information visit their site: http://burrawonggaian.com/

Q: I want to order for a friend but unsure what they’d like, how can I do this this?

A: Simply purchase a Good Farm gift card to the value you wish.