Our Story,

Began with a problem.

Our kind of food.

We love meat, but, we didn't want to contribute to a system of farming that degraded the soil, harmed the environment and gave animals a sub-par life. We wanted to buy food from farmers who prioritised the land, regenerated the soil, and cared about the welfare of their animals. You'd think, in the convenient world we live in, that kind of food would be easy to find. But it ain't. So we started a cow share directly from our family farm, to solve our problem. And that cow share grew into The Good Farm Shop, because lo and behold, others with the same values, also wanted to buy our kind of food.

Know your farmer.

We live in a very convenient time but tracing food back to it's source is becomming increasingly more difficult. Our supply chain is fully transparent and we encourage you to explore the FAQs page, where you can find information about all the farms we source from.

Eastbourne Farm

The original cow share farm. Also where we did a lot of our growing up. Regeneratively farming Angus beef. Farmers: Mick (nicest guy ever) and Rachel (aka Mum)

man in hat holding two white chikens
Tathra Place

A beautiful multi-species farm located in Womboyan Caves. This is where we source our regenerative lamb, Speckle Park beef and quail. Farmer: Luke (total legend)

Free Range Chicken Farming at The Good Farm
Kanooka Creek Farm

A small family owned farm, located on he mid-north coast of NSW. regeneratively farming pasture-raised meat chickens. As well as a few pigs and cattle. Farmer: Sacha (nature-man).

Regen verses Conventional

Our Vision.

Our vision for this business is pretty simple: to have a positive effect on the planet, support family-owned farms that are doing right by the land, and give people access to delicious, high-quality, nutrient dense food. We want to have a business we are proud of across the board - from how we treat our employees, suppliers, and business partners to how we treat the land.

Hi, we're Scott & Matilda.