Weird & Wonderful (Offal and Unusual Cuts)

We wholeheartedly embrace eating all parts of the animal. A succulent steak is delicious, but the most nutritious parts of the animal is in the offal. We may be weird but we also think they are the most delicious. Adding offal to your diet is an easy way to get extra essential nutrients.

We don't always have these cuts in stock, as there is much less offal in an animal than other cuts. So if it's here... lucky you!

What you may find here: beef and lamb liver, brain, kidneys, heart, lamb neck and chicken livers.

Not sure how to cook it? We are happy to help or simply google it and you'll find lots of great recipes. As always, these cuts come from our animals which are always regen, no chemicals or glyphosate. Grass fed and finished.