White Bowl


Every piece is handmade and therefore unique.

These bowls are handcrafted with individually etched designs.
Each piece may vary slightly in shape and colour due to the nature of hand-crafting ceramics.

This small plates are ideal as serving dishes and add an element of design to any dining set.

Stoneware with glaze.

Sold singularly. Measurement: 16cm diameter and 6.5 height (approximate)

Why I stock Airr Made: When I saw Air's beautiful ceramics I immediately fell in love with them. I love the rawness of it, the industrial feel and weight to it. There's a charm and purposefully unrefined quality to Air's designs that speak to my bohemian side. These make beautiful gifts and interesting, special and unique pieces in your cabinet.

More about Air: Air is a ceramicist located in Sydney’s Inner West, producing handcrafted pieces from her home studio. With a background in graphic design, she has explored many artistic mediums and found ceramics to be her primary joy. Most of the ceramics featured are hand-built using pinching, coiling and carving techniques, though this is a time-consuming method it allows Air to connect more intimately with each piece. Whilst this is her preferred method of creating ceramics, Air continues to further hone her skills wheel- throwing, predominately mugs and other basic forms.