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    23 products
    I'll Take Beef
    Red Lentil Dahl
    Vegetarian Lentil Cottage Pie
    Cottage Pie
    The Nourishing Mother
    Organic Nourishing Pumpkin Soup
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    Organic Chicken Curry
    Organic Nourishing Green Elixir
    Regenerative Chilli Con Carne
    from $33.00
    Regenerative Beef Massaman Curry
    from $33.00
    Organic Potato & Carrot Smash
    from $21.00
    Regenerative Beef Ragu
    from $33.00
    Regenerative Beef Stroganoff
    from $33.00
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    Biodynamic Mungalli Banana Choc-Chip Ice Cream
    Biodynamic Mungalli Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream
    Biodynamic Mungalli Vanilla Bean Ice cream
    from $11.95
    1KG Regenerative Beef Bone Broth
    100g Organic Cafe De Paris Butter
    Shakshuka Sauce (500g)
    Regenerative, Organic, Pasture-raised Whole Chicken (approx 1.7kg-2kgs)
    The Good Farm Organic Salsa Verde (250mls)
    The Sustainable Diet - by Scott Gooding
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    Clarendon Farms. Pastured free-range eggs
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