Our eggs are from Clarendon Farm. Clarendon farm is against beak trimming. They utilise low stocking density and early access to the outdoors to avoid pecking injuries.
Their free-range hens are never confined and are protected by flock guardian dogs, otherwise known as maremmas. No antibiotics, hormones, artificial pesticides or fertilisers.

Our ducks are from Burrawong Gaian duck farm. They pride themselves on their sustainable organic farming practices. Burrawong Gaian produces small numbers of premium quality, pasture reared meat chickens, ducks, seasonally available game birds, and free range duck eggs. Raising livestock in a natural open range environment allows them to forage and express their character. They are free from chemical additives, artificial hormones and medications. Burrawong Gaian are committed to the preservation of rare breeds threatened by large scale industrial agriculture. They support the Rare Breeds Trust providing ethically produced food. They process the poultry on site at their farm on the NSW Mid North Coast, and strive to ensure each and every customer enjoys their paddock to plate philosophy.

Our chickens are from Kanooka Creek Farm. A small organic farm with practises guided by regenerative notions of health for the land, animals and people.