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Regenerative. Grass fed & finished. Free range.

We procure beef, pork, duck, lamb, chicken and eggs from beautiful regenerative farms across NSW and conveniently deliver it to your door.

What is regenerative agriculture? In nut shell, it means the farming technique prioritises land and soil care. Our farmers work with nature not against it, and care about the welfare of their animals. When you purchase products from our shop you are supporting best practise farming and in a small but impactful way, you are helping to reverse the negative impacts of climate change.

How Does Our Shop Work? In the shop you'll find several categories from regen meat boxes, to convenient meal kits created by chef Scott, carbon neutral tableware, delicious condiments and even online health coaching. We pick and pack from our warehouse in Warriewood and deliver to your doorstep within 2-5 business days. Questions about our service, farms we source from, delivery and products have probably been answered on the FAQs page, but if not, don't hestitate to reach out and we will endeavour to help as best as we can.

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It's not the cow, It's the how!

Hi there and welcome! We're Scott and Matilda, founders of The Good Farm Shop.

We started this business in September 2021 as a cow share between friends, simply because we couldn't buy regenerative meat from our local butcher, and more than that, we wanted to know where our food was coming from and that it wasn't doing further damage to the planet or subjecting animals to cruelty. As our tagline suggests "it's not the cow it's the how". There are currently two very different farming methods. One hurts the planet (industrial) and one actually helps it (regenerative). This goes for grains, legumes and all vegetables as well. When soil is healthy, it can actually sequester large amounts of carbon - pulling it out of the atmosphere and into the ground. The opposite happens when our soil is malnourished from chemicals and intense fertilisers. It turns to dust, grass can't grow, photosynthesis can not happen and it can not sequester carbon. We only work with farmers who have a high ethical standard for their animals, and are dedicated to regenerating the land and health of the soil.

Education is so important, that's why we update our blog page and YouTube channel regularly with useful and relevant health, ecology and environmental information, and use our social platforms to help our community understand the importance of food sovereignty.

This business is close to our hearts. Thanks for stopping by...

Scott & Matilda.

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Cooking Videos

Join Scott in the kitchen and learn how to cook delicious healthy meals!

As well as being a chef, Scott is a certififed health coach and sports nutritionist. He loves nothing more than to cook healthy, delicious food and share his knowledge, so please check out his You Tube cooking videos to inspire and learn any tips. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4aRNcSzZvV6h9X1TJdydeg

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